by Solitude

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A new Solitude album; old and new for finishing, as if it were one big story that ends (in), you guessed it, Solitude.


released September 5, 2015

Jordan Kadrie: Everything



all rights reserved


Solitude Atlanta, Georgia

Solitude is Jordan Kadrie, with contributions from friends and family.

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Track Name: Silent Mind, Holy Mind
Please, I ain’t got nobody else
Please I ain’t got nowhere to go
Without you I don’t know who I am
If you leave me, well, I don’t know

Well I feel like I’ve always known you
You say that I don’t got a clue
Listening to you speak to me
Lately I don’t have a choice you see
Why are you reckoning with me
We are the same exact thing, so, please
Take a step, and give me your courtesy

I am never really your own self in silence
In silence
In silence
In silence
Track Name: Dad Alert
Listen here buddy, I gotta say
I killed my father just the other day
I locked his carcass in an engine bay
By the time I heard the sirens I was so far away


My brother saw me beat his ass to a pulp
He wondered why I’d ever kill that kind soul
He must have not seen, oh, he must not know!
So I cut off his head and put it deep in a hole


I saw my neighbors see- can’t have witnesses!
So I took up my knife and bust down entrances
And of course upon my waist was my trusty old 6
So I took two with the first shot, and seven by the sixth


So of course I need to tell you why I did all this
And would you please lay down that there phone in your fist
I caught the stupid fucker beating mom with his stick
And for years and years I’d heard him doing shit like this
And for years and years I dreamed about bringing justice
But the cops, you see, they don’t a fuck! They’re lazy and listless.

Well listen here, guy, well I gotta say
I killed some people as you heard me say
I’m gonna have to go real far away
Promise me you won’t tell what you learned today
Track Name: Love Bat
Hello my friend, our classes are over
How have yours been, too long, too boring?
Truthfully, I don’t really give a shit
So long as you come with me to record a hit

Because you are my love bat

What’d you say? I can’t hear you
This song we wrote is much too loud
I drum too hard, and you scream so shrill
But in five years I bet you we can pay the bills

Because you are my love bat

Switch scenes now; we’re in a cave
Don’t worry love, for I’m not now brave
Well when I say we fly I mean it literally
Cause we are now bats flying blindly and free!
We echolocate because you can’t see me
It’s dark and damp in this cave- this cave that we be
Oh, I sure do miss this music that we made
So why the fuck did I make us into actual bats at the end of this song?

You are my love bat
Track Name: Hypocrasy!
To look around, to smell the trees, you know no such a sound!
Ask one that can perfectly describe such beauty, so profound...

The words I sing do this no favor- a simple gaze, one moment spent forever,
So, please, sway with me: a buoy on the sea as I try, anyway, to do my best...
Track Name: A Long Winter's Thaw In Some Bad Boots
Doctor, I'll take the usual cause I can't stop myself
What a medicine this is! Oh, how it helps your health!
It's the kind that'll drive you back in for more,
the kind you can buy at any corner store!
But instead of curing ails...

Medicine? What medicine? Cure for me? What's that?

I don't know what ails me but I'm laying in my bed,
I'm just spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning inside my head!
Thought and thought and thought and thought- it's all going to waste,
Because shit I won't remember these solutions anyway!

Medicine? What medicine? Cure for me? What's that?
Track Name: Angry Pop
Singling out those bungling morons leaves me feeling left out and alone
Fickleness pervades every instant, listening to you listless and unmoving
Do you just not think everything happening to you all before your head
Or is it just me that listens to my thoughts weighing me too much without any progress

Why is it that I think all of these thoughts that I have are what I need to decide about who I am

Is there a difference in the time that we are now from that which our parents grew up in and birthed us
Is everyone fake no matter what decade, with every one thing false should there not have to be something real?
How can I tell that anyone’s honest when they look me in the eye and tell me what I want to hear
Well it’s so unfair that everything I’m told should be so subjective
And if I were to get all these answers, unclouded by ego, maybe I’d go mad

Why is it that I think all of these thoughts that I have are what I need to decide about who I am
Track Name: Peace of Mind
I had no peace of mind
I had no home of mine
At least it had sure felt that way
So I left

I’d thought that it could work
Though I knew how you’d been
It didn’t matter whatsoever
When you don’t give a shit
Living how you see fit
I wanted out of it
You living only for yourself
I had no place to go
You would get mad I know
Temper that you would show
But none of that meant I can’t leave
And blame to you I don’t believe
But then I left
Track Name: No Warmth
It’s been 13 months
Inside this trapper’s hut
No one has sent for me
This might be the last entry

I’ve worn out all my cassettes
The radio gas no presets
Tune it to nothing
They come straight from my brain
Just static fuzz
No warmth just the same